The Weekend Spread: Week 4

Bobby: 2-5 (11-12)

Jamison: 2-5 (11-12)

Blake: 4-3 (13-10)

Last Week

It was a big week for the Big 12 with some major non-conference wins for Texas, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech. Despite the loss from his Frogs, it was also a big week for the CrowleyMan, as Blake took a significant two game lead from the pack. Bobby and Jamison look to bounce back this week and get back on track. 

(Lines taken from the beginning of the week)

#7 Stanford @ #20 Oregon (EVEN)

Bobby: Oregon looks to be handling the departure of head coach Willie Taggart well, getting off to a 3-0 start. While the wins haven’t been exactly impressive, they have a big test this week ahead against Stanford. While Bryce Love has dealt with injury concerns this week, he is playing. I’m going with the Cardinal. Stanford, EVEN.

Jamison: Before we start off, last week was a rough one for me. I am not going to say excuses, and hope this week’s picks make up for my performance. Stanford is still my playoff team (and yes, I am keeping Auburn in my playoff picture even after last week). Bryce Love was just out of their game on Saturday with an ankle injury, but I am sure he will be ready to go versus Oregon. I still love KJ Costello and JJ Arcega Whiteside. Give me Stanford versus an unproven Oregon team. Stanford, EVEN

BlakeI could care less about PAC 12 football, but after I witnessed the Colorado mascot get put on the IR by t-shirt cannon last week on Twitter, I now know PAC 12 football is back in a big way.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>The T-shirt! His groin! It works on so many levels! <a href=””></a></p>&mdash; Dan Lucero (@danluceroshow) <a href=””>September 19, 2018</a></blockquote>

Fun fact, an adult male duck is called a drake, which is not a good look for the duck community lately given recent Drake related events. I think these drakes are a more model example for society and I think the Ducks win a close one at home. Oregon, EVEN

Arizona State @ #10 Washington (UW -18.5)

Bobby: Oh, Herm Edwards. We’ll always have week one and two. I know I ripped Arizona State for hiring him, but honestly the guy seems to have this program semi on the right track. Washington is a way better team, but honestly I don’t know if that makes them actually good. The Huskies didn’t look impressive against Utah last week and I just don’t know if I’m all in on Jake Browning. I’m going with the Sun Devils to cover. Arizona State, +18.5

Jamison: Arizona State did not leave it on the grass last weak versus San Diego State. Washington didn’t either, by only scoring 21 versus Utah. I thought Washington’s offense was going to be more explosive this year, but they have disappointed me this year. Herm will flop after the hype ensued after their upset of Michigan State. Give me Washington by 13. Arizona State, +18.5

BlakeNothing has made me feel some type of way more than when Herm Edwards repeated “Leave it on the grass” over and over again.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Need some Monday Motivation? <a href=””>@HermEdwards</a&gt; has you covered. <a href=””></a></p>&mdash; ESPN CollegeFootball (@ESPNCFB) <a href=””>September 10, 2018</a></blockquote>

This is the clip I watch before I start talking to every 10 in the bar and while the speech has improved my game zero fold, I can sleep well every Saturday night knowing I left it all on the grass. Doesn’t matter how good you are, just matters if you leave it on the grass. Hoping Arizona State has more game than I do on Saturday. Arizona State, +18.5

#22 Texas A&M @ #1 Alabama (ALA -27)

Bobby: I was big on A&M getting blown out by Clemson; that certainly didn’t happen two weeks ago. While the Aggies aren’t as bad as I thought, they aren’t going to be a match for this Alabama team. This is a truly unstoppable squad that definitely can’t be beat, especially with Tua Tagovailoa who is clearly the best quarterback in the nation. The Tide, who never lose focus in the regular season, surely won’t overlook the Aggies. That would be a real shame. Alabama, -27

Jamison: *copy and paste my write up on Clemson vs. A&M*

Yes, I understand I was very wrong by hyping up Clemson to blow out A&M, but now since its SEC time, the Aggies will begin to show their true color as Aggies. They will not live up to their SEC conference membership, and get blown out by the Alabama team that has the most explosive offense I have seen from them in a while. I am not sold on Kellen Mond as a star. Alabama, -27

BlakeI am calling this one the Battle for the Eastern Front. For all the illiterates out there, the Battle for the Eastern Front was the famous series of battles between the USSR and Nazi Germany in WWII. Obviously, these two countries were the two most hated in the 20th century, and the same is the case with these two teams. The Axis of Evil for college football meet in Tuscaloosa and this is a game where everyone wishes both teams could lose, but sadly there has to be a winner. I am taking ‘Bama after losing badly on Ole Miss to cover last weekend. Alabama, -27

Kansas @ Baylor (BU -7.5)

Bobby: DAMMIT KANSAS. The Jayhawk Train rolled on another week, smashing Rutgers last week. They honestly should be 3-0 headed into this weekend against Baylor. While I think Kansas has legitimately improved, I gotta go with Baylor. The Bears haven’t looked impressive, but after a bad week against Duke I think they come through with a solid win here. Baylor, -7.5


Yeah, that stops this week.

I said Kansas would win two games. They did. Now they are done and the downward spiral will ensue. Baylor wins by 17 here and shows their decent passing attack. Baylor will cover their first spread of the year. Baylor, -7.5

BlakeMy least favorite thing in life is admitting that Jamison is right, but somehow he has been on the been on the right side of history for all of the Kansas picks this season. I still think the Kansas hype is FAKE NEWS. I have questioned my existence since Kansas has won two weeks in a row but the Crowleyman cannot be fooled. All I want is the TCU-Baylor game to mean something again so I am taking Baylor to win by 10. Baylor, -7.5

Kansas State @ #12 West Virginia (WVU -15)

Bobby: My poor dark-horse Wildcats. It just hasn’t worked out for Kansas State this season at all. The two quarterback system, to nobody’s surprise, has gone bust and the Wildcats are quickly looking like team destined for the Big 12 cellar. The Mountaineers are fresh off a break caused by Hurricane Florence and are going to unload on KState. West Virginia, -15

Jamison: Have I not learned yet to not pick K-State? Nope. West Virginia by 14! West Virginia will show they are the much better team, but their recent off weak due to the hurricane will leave them rusty and make some poor mistakes. Kansas State, +15

BlakeHot take alert, but I don’t think that Bill Snyder is that good of a head coach. He leads his team to a marginal record every year and if he was a century younger many Kansas State pundits would say he is a coach that cannot take the next step. However, he is old so they just decided to name the stadium after him and accept an endless stream of 8-4 seasons. Give me the Mountaineers in this one. West Virginia, -15

#17 TCU @ Texas (TCU -3)

Bobby: Like clockwork, here we are; Texas is back again. Sure that USC team is unimpressive, but they are a brand name so the Longhorns are back! Honestly, I’ve written too much about them already so I’m going on a Texas sabbatical until Red River Shootout week. Gotta get a cleanse in.

The Horned Frogs fell short last week against Ohio State, but they proved to be the young threat that they thought they would be. I think they have a tough game in Austin this week but pull off the big win. TCU, -3

Jamison: (Editor’s Note: Jamison’s thoughts on Texas can be found on this week’s Schooner Pod. Needless to say, he does not believe they are) TCU, -3

BlakeEarlier this week, CBS Sports realized the worst article titled “TCU’s roster of rejects looking like one of the nation’s best heading into rivalry game vs. Texas”. There is so many things wrong with this article. First, TCU is going for their FIFTH straight win vs. Texas, which isn’t much of a rivalry if we win every single time. Next, is the fact that our roster is full of rejects. Last, I checked over the last five years, TCU has ended the season ranked the best team in Texas. Thank you CBS Sports for guaranteeing a victory for the Frogs because you know Gary Patterson has this article on every player’s locker. TCU by a million and it won’t even be close. TCU, -3

Texas Tech @ #15 Oklahoma State (OSU -13)

Bobby: So apparently Corndog can play! Taylor Cornelius had a passible game in Oklahoma State’s big win over Boise State, controlling the game through his running game. The OSU defense looked dangerous as did the running game; the Pokes look poised to be a Big 12 contender.

Oklahoma State wasn’t the only team that impressed me out of nowhere; Texas Tech had a huge win against Houston. I did not see that coming whatsoever. Freshman quarterback Alan Bowman looked like the real deal throwing for 431 yards and five touchdowns. This will be a hell of a showdown. Texas Tech, +13

Jamison: OSU’s offense has still not impressed me, but I was wrong with picking Boise State last week. I did say if Gundy found a way to get Corndog to not throw it. I thought Hill and King would get more carries, but Gundy’s love of Corndog would not let that happen. He gave Corndog 16 (!!!!) carries for 41 yards and 2 TD’s. The touchdowns look good, but the YPC does not. I think OSU wins this by 21 because the difference on the defensive side of the ball. Tech’s D has looked miserable thus far, but OSU’s has actually impressed me. Calvin Bundage and the pass rush has made me second guess my ranking of them #8 in the Big 12. Oklahoma State, -13

Blake: Yikes, the red headed step children of their respective states meet for a game that feels big, but will ultimately disappoint just as they have throughout history. Raider rash will be spreading out all over Stillwater this weekend and I will be enjoying some cheese fries from Eskimo Joe’s while I watch the Raiders cover this weekend. Give me the Red Raiders. Texas Tech, +13

Army @ #5 Oklahoma (OU -31)

Bobby: OU is a hard team to predict when it comes to covers. However, this is a way overinflated line for this team. Army isn’t a great team, but with their play style I see them grinding the game to a halt and making this an interesting cover. I think OU’s offense looks great, but Army mucks the game up enough to make 31 a hard pressed cover. Army, +31

Jamison: OU by 27. I have not done well at predicting OU thus far, but I do not mind if we keep winning. The triple option is very difficult to prepare for, and I am questioning who we will use as a sufficient scout team QB to help us prepare. None of our QB’s have the speed to match this, and I suspect we will have to use a RB or WR. Army is actually a good team, a team who won the Commander in Chief trophy last year beating Navy and Air Force. I also harp on how OU does not do well vs. *experienced* running quarterbacks. Our defense will play relatively better, but only solely due to the fact they barely throw. Army, +31

BlakeI haven’t seen Bobby or Jamison’s picks for this game, but I am assuming they are communists for going with OU (Editor’s Note: Nice try, Blake. USA!). I support freedom and what our Constitution stands for so I am going with the Army here. I don’t care that Kyler Murray is a Heisman candidate, I support the troops over anyone, any day. I will be placing a heavy bet on Army this Saturday because I enjoy freedom and I respect the troops unlike the other men at The Schooner Blog. Honestly, all money lost by people betting on OU should be donated to the troops. Army, +31

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