Quick Reaction: Kansas State

Jesus, we really did this again? Seriously, if you want to know what happened tonight, just reread any of the past three Quick Reactions in reverse.

Instead of starting fast and falling about late, the Sooners just came out really flat. So many of the issues plaguing Oklahoma reared their head early. The offense couldn’t finish drives and the defense looked flat out porous.

The season looked dead in the water.

After being down 21-10 in the first half, the Sooners stormed back with 18 unanswered points and finally looked like who we thought they were. Of course, this is OU so naturally they had to give up another two touchdowns by the end of the evening. Baker Mayfield was incredible, leading the Sooners on two big drives to answer the Wildcats.

  • If I see another backup quarterback play against OU I might shit a brick.
  • For as bad as OU looked, Baker was incredible yet again. The man has balls of steel.
  • Play-calling was absolutely bizarre in the 1st half. It looked like a bored 1st grader calling plays in NCAA 14.
  • Good Jordan Thomas, nice to see you again.
  • There was some serious fuckery going on in the end zones tonight. Three would be touchdowns were called off or ended up going against the Sooners. That interception on the CeeDee Lamb target was just absurd and that near-catch later was even crazier. Weird day in Manhattan.

MVP: Rodney Anderson. My preseason breakout player of the year broke out this week, scoring two touchdowns, including the 22 yard game winning run with 7 seconds left. With Abdul Adams still out and Trey Sermon mysteriously vanishing, Anderson took on the brunt of the carries today and did pretty well.

LVP: WHOEVER KEPT CALLING THE DAMN WILDFLOWERS PLAY. So Lincoln Riley I guess. Seriously, that stretch was one of the worst play calling streaks I’ve ever seen. Why take the best player in the nation off the field? Don’t drink and coach, kids!

Up Next: Texas Tech in Norman. I’m not sure my heart, my liver and the Owen Field scoreboard can handle this.

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