12 Big Season Predictions That Will Be 100% Accurate

It’s been a long wait, but it’s finally game week in Oklahoma. Thanks to two early losses last season, it’s been nearly a year since the Sooners have been in contention for anything bigger than a mediocre crystal bowl or a women’s gym natty. That being said, it’s time for some high stakes football again. So to open this season, here are 10 predictions that will probably be as accurate as this article’s title.

1. Baker Loses Another Heisman

But he’ll get close again! Baker will have another great season, but his numbers won’t be as good as last season. Pair that with the already piss poor reputation of Big 12 defenses and we have a narrative that could sink this campaign.

2. Rodney Anderson has a breakout season

As is tradition, OU will reload it’s running back core this season. Losing two highly talented and experienced backs in Samaj Perine and Joe Mixon will be a blow early on, especially in Columbus. Abdul Adams should be a more than capable back in relief, but I think Rodney Anderson will have a huge impact come midseason.

3. OU beats Ohio State

This is where things get weird. I believe Ohio State is a better team on paper than OU. They are at home and they have Urban Meyer against rookie head coach Lincoln Riley. The game last season illustrated just how wide the physical athletic gap was in terms of speed and size, mainly on the defensive side. So, how do the Sooners bridge that gap in a year? My bet is that Riley throws convention out the window, and gets real weird with the playbook. One of Riley’s best traits as a playcaller is his ability to throw out crafty plays that use players in unconventional ways. I have a weird feeling that if this game gets close, the Sooners have an edge just on sheer ballsiness. Weird stuff happens in college football. That being said…

4. They miraculously lose at K-State for some reason.

21st century OU football seasons usually go one of two ways. Some years, they shit the bed early, get out of the national title conversation and through one way or the other, win the Big 12, go to a decent bowl game and then ride off into the offseason (I.E. 2006, 2010, 2016). Those are okay, at least my expectations as a spoiled fan are changed early enough to mentally settle for another Big 12 title. However, the seasons that piss me off are the ones where OU starts out on fire, beats a good team early on, shoots up to the top 5 and then collapses against a random ass team (2007 & 2011 Tech, 2015 Texas). Given the timing (right after the Red River Shootout), the opponent (The Manhattan Wizard) and it being away from Norman, I think the Sooners slip here.

5. Chix and Styx is going to be a terrible bar (RIP Chimy’s)

Honestly i’m not opposed to a wing place on Campus Corner and the old Chimy’s layout is almost too great to fail. BUT HOW AND WHY WOULD ANYONE NAME IT THIS. It’s impossible for me to have any optimism that Chix and Styx will even remotely fill the shoes of the GOAT, Chimy’s. Bring back the legendary DP Shootouts from the Chimy’s era and then we can talk success.

6. Kyler Murray Will Play a Decently Major Role

I have no idea how, but I just have a feeling Lincoln Riley finds a way to get one of the best athletes on roster on the field this season. This one is a pure hunch, clearly some seriously well thought out Journalism here at The Schooner.

7. Some drunk dude in the student section will call for Lincoln Riley’s head after the first offensive drive

And then promptly ask his friends if they want to go to Logie’s, which they will probably do.

8. OU avenges its one loss in the Big 12 Championship

The Sooners always seem to heat up in the second half of the season, and that’s what I think happens here. The young receiving corps will grow up by the time the bigger back half games come around. After taking a theoretical loss to K-State earlier in the year, holes and issues should be covered up enough for OU to take home Big 12 Title #11.

9. OU makes the Playoff

This one is going to be tight again. There will be three one loss teams; OU, USC and Ohio State. The problem? Alabama has two losses and gets in over one of them. It’ll be some crazy shit, but the Big 12 finally catches a break and adding the Big 12 Championship somehow pays off. However…

10. The season ends against USC in the Rose Bowl

Just our luck right? Well knock on some damn wood because somehow we’ll end up playing the hometown team, as is tradition. Unlike 2004, this will be a close game. Sam Darnold vs. Baker will be an all time duel, but it just isn’t enough. Baker Mayfield walks off like so many other all time great Sooner quarterbacks before him; title-less. That being said, the new direction Lincoln Riley turns the program in leaves an optimistic end for the Sooners.

Or maybe not, idk I just started this blog a day ago 🤷🏼‍♂️

One thought on “12 Big Season Predictions That Will Be 100% Accurate

  1. Mike_Still_Sux

    Finally someone recognizes what i’ve been saying since 2015, rodney is the best RB on campus. also RIP Chimys, RIP Brothers (i know they just moved), RIP CVS, and RIP Othellos.


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