Goodbye, Schooner Blog

Hey, y’all. Been a minute since the old Schooner Blog was used. You might have even thought, “Hey, I guess Bobby is done writing blogs.” And, as you can tell from the last post, for over a year I have been.

The site has not had any love shown for it in quite some time. Year after year, especially as The Schooner Pod has grown, it slowly shrunk to a trickle, then in 2021-22, a complete stop. So, I’m going to put the old girl out of her misery. Tomorrow, I’ll officially be shutting her down.

It’s bittersweet. In some ways, I feel like I’m giving up on my first love, the first thing I actually built. It makes me incredibly sad to say goodbye to the thing I made as a (first-time) senior in college. Before The Schooner Blog, I was an aimless college kid trying to find something I had a passion for. The Schooner Blog helped me flow my passion into something productive, something I could be proud of. Writing up recaps, Travel Blogs, and yes, the Bar Reviews really honed that creativity in me in ways that doing fake social media ads for class never did.

The Schooner Blog grew into The Schooner Pod, which then slowly became the only thing. Which is a good thing. I have much more fun talking weekly with Jamison, Ty, and sometimes Blake than I did writing hastily done recaps on my phone. Podcasts and videos are truly the future of what I was doing: just a couple of people, hanging out, talking football.

Today, we have published over 170 episodes of The Schooner Pod, joined a podcast network in TPPN, and have actually grown a nice little audience. Personally, I’ve had the pleasure of joining the Thunder website, Boomtown Hoops, and have worked with some great people over the past two years at Multiplicity Media, covering college football nationally.

None of that happens without the support you all have given to this little blog. I owe everyone who checked out my stuff, gave feedback, and ultimately, the motivation to keep going and keep improving. It truly means the world to me.

This isn’t really the end. You can find me on The Schooner Pod wherever you get your podcasts, as well as on our YouTube Channel. Of course, I’ll also be around on Boomtown Hoops talking Thunder.

Thank you all for everything. I’ll see you around.

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