The Wild, Wonderful, Ridiculous Path To Two-Loss OU In The Playoff

Alright, before we start: yes, I am a bit of a homer. However, I am an objective homer. The odds of this happening are extremely long. But in the words of the great Lloyd Christmas, “so you’re saying there’s a chance?” Oh, there most definitely is.

This is a bit of a dumb article, but this is a bit of a dumb season. While many scoff at the notion of a two loss team in the playoff, they forget that a team not only made the BCS National Championship with two losses, they actually won it.

2007 LSU was the perfect team for that season, a wild year where nothing made sense. 2020, while not featuring as many upsets as that fabled year, is also bonkers.

Why not add a two-loss OU into the Playoff for good measure?

Step 1: Oklahoma Keeps Winning


Step 2: The Pac-12 Keeps Sucking

Right now, not a single Pac-12 team looks worthy of a spot. The schedule is too short and nobody has really stood out to make it comparable. A one-loss champion out of the Pac seals their fate.

Step 3: Everyone Ahead of Oklahoma Loses

Okay, this one is kinda obvious, as well as not entirely accurate.

Oklahoma’s obvious disadvantage is the fact that two losses are more than one. While this can be somewhat mitigated with a potential payback victory against Iowa State in the Big 12 Championship game, the fact remains that too many team have one loss.

Some teams actually need to keep winning. For example, Alabama. The Tide are likely in at one loss, and certainly get the nod over OU at two losses, so having them keep Florida or Texas A&M out would be better.

Here is a look at The Climb:

10. Miami – Loss Opportunities: @Wake Forest, North Carolina

The Canes have been wobbly all season, nearly getting knockout blows from the likes of Virginia (19-14), NC State (44-41) and Virginia Tech (25-24). One suspects they’ll find a way to trip up. However if they don’t, there is a real chance they backdoor into the ACC Championship if Clemson fails to make up their Florida State game. Doomsday, right there.

9. Georgia – Loss Opportunities: *shrug*

UGA being in this spot is frustrating and perplexing. They have two losses, fail the eye test and seemingly are only here due to their name and the fact they’ve lost to good teams. OU might be able to leapfrog the Dawgs with an impressive showing the rest of the way, but they aren’t losing again.

8. Northwestern – Loss Opportunities: Ohio State, Other Big Ten Randos.

I believe one loss -preferably to Ohio State- would be enough to knock the Wildcats out. However, I doubt it comes from the likes of Michigan State, Minnesota or Illinois.

7. CincinnatiLoss Opportunities: Tulsa and Also Tulsa.

This year’s Group of Five darling needs to beat Tulsa twice to keep their dream alive. Just one loss there probably ends them, however. Pull for Tulsa to do their in-state rivals a solid here, either in the regular season finale or the AAC Championship Game.

6. FloridaLoss Opportunities: Probably just Alabama in the SEC Championship.

The Gators face mediocre competition in Kentucky, Tennessee and LSU. While an upset is possible, they really need to lose to an unbeaten Alabama team to seal their fate. Even that might not be enough, but we are dealing with long odds here.

5. Texas A&MLoss Opportunities: @Auburn

This is the team that might be the most stubborn domino to fall. The Aggies have only lost to Alabama (they got walloped) and possess a signature win over Florida. They also don’t have to worry about a championship game, pending Alabama uncharacteristically collapsing. Add another decent win at Auburn, and A&M waltzes into the CFP if Clemson falls to Notre Dame.

Look, even though OU has essentially no shot at the CFP, we all can agree that we want no part of the Aggies getting the validation of an appearance, right? Pull hard for Auburn here either way.

Step 4: Alabama, Notre Dame* and Ohio State all win out.

As noted, the teams at the top need to wipe out any chance of a second team in their conference joining the fray.

Notre Dame is key for any team, let alone OU, to break into the top 4: splitting the season series with Clemson in the ACC championship all but locks both teams in. However, if the Irish fall in Chapel Hill on Friday against North Carolina, the double ACC team option is dead. Long story short, root for UNC.

Ohio State just needs to prevent Northwestern from winning the conference. They are unlikely to fall to Illinois, Michigan State or Michigan, so winning out is probably the best path to that.

I already noted Alabama’s importance above, but simply put, Alabama is getting in either way. Winning eliminates competition so let’s just hope for that option.

All things considered: this is a silly notion that I absolutely wasted too much time on. OU probably doesn’t even need to be in the CFP anyways: maybe a win over A&M in the Cotton Bowl is better than getting waxed by Bama, who knows.

However, the path exists. And as long as it exists, I will be here to keep the flame of two-loss playoff OU alive, even if it is just to piss off Jamison.

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