Weekend Spread: Week 3

Season Records ~

Bobby: 3-3 (6-8)

Ty: 3-3 (6-8)

Jamison: 2-4 (8-6)

Boatin’ Blake’s Dice: 2-4 (4-9)

Cheat Sheet:

West Virginia @ Oklahoma State

Bobby: West Virginia

Ty: Oklahoma State

Jamison: Oklahoma State

Boatin’ Blake: West Virginia

Kansas @ Baylor

Bobby: Baylor

Ty: Baylor

Jamison: Kansas

Boatin’ Blake: Kansas

Iowa State @ TCU

Bobby: TCU

Ty: Iowa State

Jamison: Iowa State

Boatin’ Blake: Iowa State

Texas @ Texas Tech

Bobby: Texas

Ty: Texas

Jamison: Texas

Boatin’ Blake: Texas Tech

Louisville @ Pittsburgh

Bobby: Pittsburgh

Ty: Pittsburgh

Jamison: Pittsburgh

Boatin’ Blake: Pittsburgh

Kentucky @ Auburn

Bobby: Kentucky

Ty: Auburn

Jamison: Kentucky

Boatin’ Blake: Auburn

Kansas State @ Oklahoma

Bobby: Oklahoma

Ty: Oklahoma

Jamison: Oklahoma

Boatin’ Blake: Oklahoma

Wild Card

Bobby: UTSA -6.5 vs. Middle Tennessee State

Ty: Texas State +17.5 vs. Boston College (Line Courtesy of Bing)

Jamison: Louisiana -13.5 vs. Georgia Southern

Boatin’ Blake: Campbell +35.5 vs. Appalachian State

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