State of The Schooner: Year 4

Well, isn’t this something. The Schooner Blog is officially in its senior year.

Through all the ups, downs, Bar Reviews, a podcast, multiple content shutdowns, videos, and a solid meme page on Instagram we are somehow still here.

As far as The Schooner Pod goes, things have never been better. We’ve worked hard at growing that content, improving it and have our best year ever lined up ahead of ourselves. Why?

Jamison is back. Mostly, anyways.

The pandemic has freed our guy up for more in season appearances and I could not be happier. He takes our content to the next level and is truly one of the smartest guys I know in anything, let alone sports. As fun as last year was with Ty, Jamison was for sure missed to provide the hard hitting football talk we need.

Ty is also not going anywhere; his out of the box takes and sharp wit added a ton of humor to the show last year. Frankly, our show is best when you get the Big 3 together and I am so excited to have more of that this season.

However, as we start year 4, I gotta be honest with y’all: we need to do better at being more than just our work at The Schooner Pod.

Page views just aren’t that great, frankly because the content isn’t that great. I’ve treated it more as a chore and less as a labor of love. Things are too templated. We need fresh new ideas.

That’s where I’m opening it up to you all.

The Schooner Blog has always been about the common fan. We want to provide you with the content you are actually interested in reading, viewing and consuming, all with the laid back Schooner Blog touch you love(?) us for.

I don’t just want to hear suggestions of what you want to see, I want your takes if you have them. I’ll even put them on the blog if you want. If you do well enough, we might even start building up a team. We’ll see how it goes.

This space has been nearly all me for the past four years. Now, I’m opening it up to you.

The 4th year is always the scariest. But this is the time to takes risks, leaps, and just go for it.

Let’s go!

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