We’re Not Done (Yet)!

First off, pardon the mess. I swear, this website was a few hours away from becoming converted into a Tottenham Hotspur blog.

However, with the Big 12 deciding to join the ACC and SEC in attempting to play football this Fall (first reported by Yahoo Sports), we’re going to go ahead and fire up some content.

It’s obviously been a wild few days, let alone months. However, we’re going to try our best at doing at least some college football stuff.

(Mainly because I have the URL and WordPress locked in already for the year, but whatever).

So, until the sports fully crumbles and we are locked in on basketball (follow Boomtown Hoops*, shameless plug) and English soccer (no idea how many people that is), let’s just take in the madness around us.

*For real though, follow Boomtown Hoops. My stuff is way better on there.

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