Weekend Spread: Week 9

Week 8 Standings

Bobby: 3-4 (38-25) [96-78]

Ty: 2-5 (29-34) [35-37]

Boatin’ Blake: 6-1 (41-22) [100-74]

Congrats to the silent, yet deadly, Boatin’ Blake on hitting the Century Club after a BIG Week 8. With three big ranked matchups this week, the college football season is starting to turn down the final stretch. Can anyone top The Captain?

#13 Wisconsin @ #3 Ohio State (tOSU -14) BIG NUDE SATURDAY, FOX

Bobby: I was very much expecting Wisconsin to completely fall apart this season, as is tradition. However, I figured they would wait until this week to do it, not against garbage ass Illinois.

Ohio State has been a damn wagon all season, covering every spread this season outside of a game one backdoor cover from FAU. Wisconsin simply doesn’t have the athletes to keep up with this Ohio State squad.

The Buckeyes are going to roll over Wisconsin in The Horseshoe. Ohio State, -14

Ty: So maybe we jumped the gun on the whole Wisconsin in the playoffs thing. Maybe we put too much stock in four shutouts. Maybe we overestimated the Michigan (who is ass) win. Maybe Wisconsin is doing what they do every year, just building hype for the collapse. But…

Maybe Ohio State is doing the same. Maybe Ohio State is ripe for upset, stranger things have happened. Maybe Ohio State is coasting without Urban, and will crumble at the first real sign of competition. Maybe Ohio State isn’t the top of the B1G.

LMAOOOOOO jk Ohio State is going to run Wisconsin off the field with no effort. Ohio State, -14

Boatin’ Blake: Ohio State, -14

#9 Auburn @ #2 LSU (LSU -12) CBS, 2:30 CT

Bobby: This line was wildly low to start the week and it’s steadily dropped to about -10.5, which is wild. Auburn and Bo Nix have revealed themselves to be trash and Death Valley is going to be bumping.

Auburn will keep this game close enough to sweat through this, but that LSU offense will pull through for the cover. LSU, -12


LSU, -12

Boatin’ Blake: LSU, -12

#8 Notre Dame @ #19 Michigan (MICH. -1.5) ABC, 6:30 CT

Bobby: Look, Michigan is not a very good team. However, as this Wolverine squad showed us last week in a gritty road cover, they refuse to give up. I’m not big on Notre Dame this year, who nearly dropped a home game to USC.

The Big House rarely gets night games, but when they do, things tend to go well for Michigan. I think they pull this one out. Michigan, -1.5

Ty: You hate to see it, but Notre Dame wins here. Honestly, I’d be happy if both teams could lose, because they both suck. ND and Michigan for some reason believe that they are bluebloods even though neither of them have won a conference title in decades.

Wow, do I hate both of these teams. I hate ND, for thinking that they deserve a seat at the table, and I hate Michigan because it’s fun to hate on people while they are down. Michigan is such a dumpster fire and they are held together with wins against Rutgers and other bottom feeders.

Again, jot this one down as another nail in the coffin for Jim Harbaugh’s career at Michigan. I hate to say it but Go Irish. Notre Dame, +1.5

Boatin’ Blake: Michigan, -1.5

Texas Tech @ Kansas (TECH -3.5) FS1, 6:00 PM CT

Bobby: With Kansas nearly knocking off Texas last week (I mourn for the memes that could have been), it seems everyone is on board with the ‘Hawks breaking through for another win. However, the team people should be high on is actually the Red Raiders.

Texas Tech has scrapped and fought ever since they got blown off the field in Norman several weeks ago. Jett Duffey has transformed into a quarterback who has positioned the Red Raiders as a team nobody wants to face.

I get the KU hype here, but I just think Tech is a better team right now than people are giving them credit for. Texas Tech, -3.5

Ty: KANSAS WILL WIN FOUR GAMES THIS SEASON. I am digging in here, and going down with the ship. KANSAS WILL WIN.

Good morning Kansas betters.

In less than a day, Jayhawks from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the largest football game in the history of Kansas.


That word should have new meaning for all of us today. We can’t be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common desire for a KU win.

Perhaps it’s fate that today is October 26th, and you will once again be fighting for literally any win… Not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution… but from going 2-10.

We are fighting for our right to win four games. To exist. And should we win the day, October (Brocktober) will no longer be known as an Iowa State holiday, but as the day Kansas Football declared in one voice:

We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight!  We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate our third win of the season!” Kansas, STRAIGHT UP

Boatin’ Blake: Kansas, +3.5

Oklahoma State @ #23 Iowa State (ISU -10.5) FS1, 2:30 PM

Bobby: BROCKTOBER CONTINUES TO ROLL. Don’t listen to the doubters, this is 100% a real thing. The Cyclones, mocked in preseason, counted out after losing to Iowa and Baylor, are looking like a legitimate football team.

While I feel uncomfortable with the line being as high as it is, I gotta trust the process here as I have yet to lose a game when picking the Cyclones. Iowa State, -10.5

Ty: Brocktober isn’t real. But OSU is hella ass. Iowa State, -10.5

Boatin’ Blake: Iowa State, -10.5

#15 Texas @ TCU (UT -1.5) FOX, 2:30 CT

Bobby: This line is an absolute gift from God. While I would love to spend this space trashing the Longhorns for almost blowing it at home against Kansas, that would be counter productive.

I understand why people would be skittish about Texas this weekend. TCU is at home for homecoming, debuting new uniforms and entered the season with preseason hype while Texas…almost lost to Kansas last week.

However, it should be noted that TCU has been a mess this season. Their two FBS wins are against Purdue and Kansas. This is not a good football team by any measure. Texas should handle this team comfortably. Lock of the Century. Texas, -1.5

(Worst case scenario, we are all wrong and this is hilarious)

Ty: TCU’s dumb ass “cool” uniforms will look great in the Texas highlight videos. The Frogs are going to look terrible out there, especially against this joke of a Texas team.

I still believe that a strong Texas is the best possible thing for OU, as they actually get national respect. Baylor can do whatever they want, nobody respects them. Hell, the whole reason that we have a Big 12 Championship game is because Baylor and TCU get no national respect.

OUThe Sooners need UT to win out and every game matters (obviously not the title game tho). This pick is entirely personal.

Wait, HOLD UP lmao this is the -1.5 line game! Hell yes! Slap as many bands as you can on this line! WOOOOOO boy here we go. This is a money game right here. Texas, -1.5

Boatin’ Blake: Texas, -1.5

#5 Oklahoma @ Kansas State (OU -21) ABC, 11:00 AM

Bobby: When Kansas State beat Mississippi State in September, this game immediately rocketed up to the game I was most shook by. Manhattan can be a viper pit and K-State looked like the third best team in the Big 12.

Yeah, that was an overreaction.

The Wildcats have a porous defense prone to busting on big plays and a one-dimensional offense. While there has been some upset talk surrounding this game, I think it’s all fluff. This line is only close due to that one SEC road game.

OU has proven that they are not only a Playoff caliber team, but a focused team. I think the Sooners roll big here. Oklahoma, -21

Ty: You already know what I’m going to say. Check the pod for a better breakdown. I have been TERRIBLE at picking OU games this year so who knows what will happen. I think OU covers, but idek man. Oklahoma, -21

Boatin’ Blake: Oklahoma, -21

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