Weekend Spread: Week 8

Week 7 Standings

Bobby: 4-2 (35-21) [93-74]

Ty: 4-2 (27-29) [33-32]

Boatin’ Blake: 3-3 (35-21) [94-73]

After a couple tough weeks for the Weekend Spread boys (including a missing article last week), the boys are back and ready to right the ship. Let’s Go!

#1 Michigan @ #7 Penn State (PSU -9) 6:30, ABC

Bobby: Look, Penn State might be for real. The offense has been on fire and at every turn they continue to keep pressing onward. Will they collapse the second I pick them? Probably. Still, give me the White Out in Happy Valley against a shaky Michigan squad. Penn State, -9

Ty: This is a must win for Jimbo H. Unfortunately, I don’t think that he will. Mark this one down as another nail in the coffin, you hate to see it (Personally I don’t hate to see it).

Penn State is a better team easily, and playing in Happy Valley is worth at least a TD. Nine points is just too easy, give me the Bobcats, or whatever PSU’s mascot is. I really did forget here so I’m just going to roll with it. Penn State, -9

Boatin’ Blake: Michigan, +9

#12 Oregon @ #25 Washington (ORE -3) ABC, 2:30 CT

Bobby: I got killed on the Midseason Review pod for suggesting that Oregon might still sneak into the Playoff. Do I dare double down and risk getting clowned further?

Hell yeah I do. Oregon is a cut above the Pac-12 this season and is about to run the table. I don’t think they will make the playoff (too many SEC teams), but they will be creeping at #5 or #6 by the end of the year. Oregon, -3

Ty: Call it The Soy Bowl, The Battle of the Hipsters, The Starbucks Shootout, The Granola Game, The Football Game of Nerds and Lames, The Ducks vs the Huskies, the alternate uniforms vs the knock off K-States, who cares. It’s just a Pac-12 game. Anyways, that list went on for way too long, I should have stopped at Granola Game.

I think that the Ducks win this one. Also I want it in writing that Bobby did say that Oregon could make the playoffs. NEVER FORGET that shit take. Oregon, -3

Boatin’ Blake: Washington, +3

Kansas State @ TCU (TCU -3.5) 1:30 CT

Bobby: Honestly, these teams aren’t that different. Both are purple, had early season hype after impressive (at the time) Power 5 wins, and both collapsed the second they stepped into conference play.

I hate both of these teams, but at least K-State knows who to play at quarterback. Kansas State, +3.5

Ty: Talk about two teams that cannot be accurately predicted. I lean TCU here, especially as their SMU loss looks better and better each week.

*Pause here to acknowledge my SMU ponies who are undefeated so far*(I’ve always been a lifelong SMU fan)

I think that TCU is the move here, honestly. Kansas State rode a big high and hung their hat on a win at Mississippi State, a team that LOST TO TENNESSEE! TCU is the clear pick here, and I bet that it’s an easy cover. TCU, -3.5

Boatin’ Blake: Kansas State, +3.5

Iowa State @ Texas Tech (ISU -7) FS1, 11:00 AM CT

Bobby: BROCKTOBER CONTINUES. With Iowa State’s undefeated October streak well into Season 3, how could you not take the Cyclones? Sure, Texas Tech has soiled two straight covers for me, but I believe in the power of Brocktober. Iowa State, -7

Ty: Oh, how the mighty preseason expectations have fallen. Iowa State, who Bobby thought would play in Dallas this December, has fallen off the deep end. I wouldn’t be surprised if OU shuts out the Cyclones this year. ISU is BIG ass this year, and Matty C. is still a coward.

All of this being said, boy does Tech suck this year. I’m taking those cowards up in Indiana or wherever. Iowa State, -7

P.S. This is not a rivalry.

Boatin’ Blake: Texas Tech, +7

Kansas @ #15 Texas (UT -22) LHN, 6:00 PM

Bobby: The greatest rivalry in the Big 12. As much as I’d love to see Texas completely drop the ball here and not dominate a pretty brutal Kansas team, I think they come out and wipe the floor with the Jayhawks. I’m not a fan of the 22 point spread, but nonetheless. Texas, -22

Ty: Texas has TWO losses and its Week 8 LMAOOOOOO. SMH I can’t relate.

Anyways, UT is looking to bounce back and make a statement here against Kansas. This game is in Austin and Texas will come out hot to stomp the Hawks. There’s always basketball season KU. Cue the weird Tom Herman nipple rub celebration.

Texas, -22

Boatin’ Blake: Kansas, +22

#18 Baylor @ Oklahoma State (OSU -3.5) FOX, 3:00 CT

Bobby: When you pick every Big 12 game for three straight years, you learn a few things about how this weird ass conference works. One of the key features of this conference is the fact that any team that looks to be solid strength of schedule fuel for Oklahoma will promptly lose a stupid game and blow their hopes of being ranked by the time they get to OU.

Cue Oklahoma State. While the Cowboys famously cannot beat OU, they have found the next best thing: ruining everything else.

The Pokes have a knack for beating top ranked competition (West Virginia and Texas) and taking their ranking but then completely pooping the bed against awful teams, thus self tanking their own quality to the point that beating them is significantly less impressive.

Meanwhile, Baylor has been actively trying to collapse this entire season, but the universe simply will not allow them to die. This undefeated record is built on a blown 20 point lead at home and an egregious no call in a double overtime.

Vegas appears to have caught on to both the Poke system and Baylor’s Jenga Tower record and rightfully have Oklahoma State favored in this game. The Cowboys have come to take their toll and they shall receive it. Oklahoma State, -3.5

Ty: Baylor is ass bruh, Chubba finna eat. Oklahoma State, -3.5

Boatin’ Blake: Baylor, +3.5

West Virginia @ #5 Oklahoma (OU -33.5) BIG NUDE SATURDAY ON FOX

Bobby: West Virginia isn’t good. At all.

However, 33.5 is just SO MUCH points. Personally, I think OU can cover this thing, but relying on any team to lock down a team in garbage time is just not a great strategy. Safe money is on West Virginia, safer money is on avoiding this game altogether. West Virginia, +33.5

Ty: Tune into The Schooner Pod for a more detailed take on this game. OU will win big, but I don’t see OU running it up beyond 28. The Sooners have been less than ideal against the spread this year, and it is because the lines are absurd. I’ll be taking the Country Roads to the bank. Burn your couches. West Virginia, +33.5

Boatin’ Blake: Oklahoma, -33.5

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