Notes from OU-West Virginia

Friday night was a wild time. However, I would be remised if I didn’t give some some more detail notes on what happened in Morgantown.

  • This defense didn’t do much better point wise, but damn did they put in some effort. And honestly, without their performance, OU loses that game. The two scoop and score touchdowns obviously stand out as the highlights, but Tre Brown’s effort gave the Mountaineer receiving corps fits all night.
  • Honestly, the Sooners probably should have won by more. The two takeaways covered for some absolutely frustrating Oklahoma turnovers.
  • Trey Sermon’s injury was and is obviously very concerning for tailback depth, but damn did Kennedy Brooks have himself a ball game. He was the workhorse, going for 182 yards and two touchdowns on a hefty 21 carries. I don’t know if this performance is sustainable, but it certainly was impressive.
  • You have to give the Sooners this; they don’t lose these types of games. This was not an easy one by any means. So many teams would fold after the second half start OU had, but they weathered the storm and responded at every turn. Now that we are in the end game, that experience will be vital.
  • Hollywood Brown, have yourself a game! While Brown has been quiet in the back half of this season (this was only his second 100+ yard game since Texas), he showed out Friday with 243 yards and two touchdowns on eleven catches. Under normal stances, this warrants my weekly MVP nod. However….

MVP: Kyler Murray

Normally, I pick someone different than Kyler because picking the obvious best player on the team weekly is boring. But to not give this guy the MVP nod this week would just be silly.

Murray showed exactly why he’s the best player in the country on Friday. The ability to throw as accurately as he does alone put him in the race, but what he does on the ground makes him the most lethal player I’ve seen in my lifetime. At any moment, the man can pull the ball down and score, no matter where the offense is on the field.

Sure, he turned the ball over twice. However, he always responded and never let the game slip out of his hands when he made mistakes. I think we can let the “questionable under pressure” take die.

As for the stats? Throwing for 364 yards with 111 on the ground and four touchdowns is just overpowered as hell. Give my man his trophy.

LVP: Texas

You don’t want this team right now.

Up Next: The Big 12 Championship against Texas.

And I thought Red River season was over.

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