The Weekend Spread: Week 7

Bobby: 3-5 (23-24)

Jamison: 2-6 (21-26)

Blake: 1-7 (23-24)

Last Week

What an abysmal week for the Weekend Spread. With upsets, backdoor covers going the wrong way and blind faith in the Oklahoma Sooners, the boys had an awful showing. After a stunning 1-7 week from Blake who was leading the pack, the top spot is truly up for grabs. 

(Lines are taken from the beginning of the week)

#2 Georgia @ #13 LSU (UGA -7)

Bobby: It was a tough weekend for dem Tigah bois down in da Swamp last week as they got thumped by Florida. However, this week presents new opportunity as Georgia comes to Baton Rouge looking for its first signature win of the season. I have been throughly underwhelmed with Georgia as they don’t have the same bite as they did last season. I think they take their first loss of the season to Coach O and the boys on Saturday. LSU, +7

JamisonOnce again, I have done horrible on my picks. I’m very glad that there is no punishment for last place, because I am on a fast track for it. Anyways, let’s get to the picks. 

This is a HUGE game for OU fans. Now that the Sooners have a loss on their record, our sight on a playoff spot is beginning to dwindle. If you want to ensure that 2 SEC teams do not get into the playoffs, then we need Georgia to get one loss before they play Alabama in the SEC championship. Give me LSU straight up in this matchup, because I need some kind of optimism in my college football life. LSU bounces back from a tough loss in Florida and beats an underperforming Georgia (they have done well, but a lot of people foresaw them beating Mizzou by more than 14 and Tennessee by more then 26). LSU, +7

Blake: Geuax Tigers. LSU, +7

#7 Washington @ #17 Oregon (UW -3)

Bobby: While this game should be a perfect Pac-12 After Dark game, it instead kicks off at 2:30. This is a bit annoying as I like my Pac-12 separated from the rest of the day’s games; this feels like it is encroaching on SEC on CBS’ territory.

Washington has looked very unimpressive this season, constantly scraping by mediocre teams that they should handle with ease. Oregon has been a pleasant surprise under Justin Herbert, a fringe Heisman candidate. Look for a big game from him to put him firmly in the crosshairs. Oregon, +3

JamisonI love this Oregon team. Justin Herbert is looking to be the QB NFL scouts will be raving about come April next year. Oregon looked great versus Stanford, until they choked it at the very end. They have recuperated quite well, and beat Cal in a game many believed could be an upset. Washington, on the other hand, only beat UCLA by 7 last week. As all of you OU fans know, UCLA is not good and is quite embarrassing. Give me Oregon in an upset. Oregon, +3

Blake: Not only is the Pac 12 on the perpetual hot seat of being the worst power five conference in football, but their refs are now on the hot seat for being the WORST IN ALL SPORTS. It came out this week that “third party individuals” were overruling replay calls in the USC-WSU game. The best part about this is the Pac 12 really has not apologized or done anything about the situation besides saying that it won’t happen again. I need to move out West because I guess any average Joe can start making officiating decision in Pac 12 games now. They should just allow a fan poll every time a penalty flag is thrown and let the fans decide what penalty it is. I just solved the Pac 12 viewership problems in one sentence. Give me the Huskies. Washington, -3

#15 Wisconsin @ #12 Michigan (UM -7.5)

Bobby: Ugh, this game already bores me. This will be a classic Big Ten slugfest and honestly the only interest I have in this is due to the fact they are both ranked. Even though Wisconsin blew it at home against BYU, I still don’t know if I trust the Wolverines here. I just want to stop writing about the Big Ten. Wisconsin, +7.5

Jamison+7.5 is such an alluring line, and I love how Vegas is daring me to take Wisconsin. I’m gonna go ahead and take that bait. I bet against Wisconsin, and for Nebraska last week, in probably my only intelligent prediction of the week. Wisconsin’s D did not look as stout as many thought they were going to be, but hey, they still scored 41, which is a win for Wisconsin. You all know I was big on Michigan to begin the year, and they have bounced back quite well after their loss to Notre Dame. But, I just can’t see this primetime game being anything other than a nail biter. I am torn on the winner, but I feel good that it’ll stay within a single possession game. Wisconsin, +7.5

Blake: Looking for an interesting angle on this game I searched “wolverine v. badger” on Google and this article came up. The author goes into a FULL detailed analysis on if a badger and a wolverine fought who would win. The best line by far is, “In my opinion, honey badger would either rip off the wolverines genitalia, thus causing it to bleed to death, or both would die via prolonged mutual mutilation.” It makes me so happy inside that somebody spent time out of their busy day to give the people a detailed account of how this hypothetical fight would turn out. Have to go with the man who has done his research, Badgers gonna win this one. Wisconsin, +7.5

#10 UCF @ Memphis (UCF -4.5)

Bobby: This is a criminally low line for UCF, who is threatening to make another run at a “national championship”. The playoff picture is messy enough as it is with an undefeated Notre Dame in the equation, so they don’t have any real shot at getting in the Playoff at all, however they still could win out and annoy us all with a “back to back national champs” claim. Frankly, anything that could get us closer to an eight team playoff is alright in my book. Central Florida, -4.5

JamisonGive me the national champions in this matchup. Although I have not watched UCF this year, I have heard good things about their QB McKenzie Milton. I have though, watched Memphis this year as they lost to Tulane (!!!!!). Tulane… really? I am picking more against Memphis in this one, rather than for UCF. Central Florida, -4.5

Blake: UCF somehow went from one of the most loved teams in America when they beat Auburn in their bowl game to one of the most annoying/hated teams with their Twitter antics. In 2010, TCU went undefeated and beat Wisconsin the Rose Bowl and you didn’t see us running around claiming we had won the national championship. Congrats y’all, you play in an easy conference and played well in one bowl. Hoping somehow they can make the CFP so Alabama can put a 100 burger on them and we can end this once and for all. So with that I will take UCF and hope they can weasel there way into the CFP. Central Florida, -4.5

Texas Tech @ TCU (TCU -8) [Thursday]

(Editor’s Note: These picks are from before the game; scout’s honor)

Bobby: This is a MAJOR game for both teams, who are kinda mirror images of themselves at the moment. Both have injured quarterbacks, had a fall from grace from the Top 25 and in now in position to slip into the cellar of the Big 12 with a loss here. While the standard Thursday night pick should go to TCU at home, I’m going to reverse course and go with the Red Raiders, at least to cover. Texas Tech, +8

JamisonOn this pick, I’m rolling with TCU -8. This may be odd to some of you all because of the large hype that came with Tech after they beat OSU. But, as we saw this weekend and as I alluded to in the preseason, OSU is a bottom 3 team in the Big 12.

Texas Tech’s true freshman QB Alan Bowman was hospitalized for a collapsed lung, and was released 5 days ago (as of Monday). I do not expect him to be back this week, due to this being a very very painful injury. That leaves Jett Duffey, the man who threw 2 INT’s vs. West Virginia and stormed them back to within 8. Don’t buy into his hype, because from what we know from the beginning of the season, there is not much there depth wise with Tech’s QB situation. Give me TCU winning by 14 on a Thursday night. TCU, -7

Blake: (Editor’s Note: Blake was a late submission, so I’m forcing him to have gone with his Frogs, which he probably did anyways) TCU, -7

Oklahoma State @ Kansas State (OSU -6.5)

Bobby: Ohhhhhhhhh Pokes. It’s going to be a rough one isn’t it? After a brutal loss to a middling Iowa State squad, it sure seems that way. The Cowboy running game just isn’t good enough to buoy an offense helmed by a joke of a quarterback. Thankfully for our northern neighbors, the Wildcats aren’t very good themselves. However, this K-State team did take down OSU last year in convincing fashion. I’m taking the Cowboys, but would not be shocked at all if they blow it in Manhattan. Oklahoma State, -6.5

JamisonDoes it sound stupid of me to pick OSU again, when they continue to make me lose? Absolutely not. Want to know why? Because they are playing K-State. I have pledged to continue to pick against K-State until I win. I lost last week, so it is time to double my bets. Please Cowboys, bounce back. Oklahoma State, -6.5

Blake: Let me tell you a little story. While I was in Vegas this past spring, I came across a Roulette machine in the hotel me and my roommate Zach were staying at. At first, this Roulette machine was sucking away my money like no other, but I decide to do a bold strategy and double/triple/quadruple my bet amount till I won all my money back. My roommate Zach told me that was a dumb strategy and that I would lose all my money that way, but by the end of the night I had put a saddle on that machine and I was riding it like it was my pony.

What I am trying to get at here is yes, my smear campaign against Bill Snyder has so far been unsuccessful as fading Kansas State has cost me the past two weeks, but I am putting a saddle on this wildcat and making all my money I have lost back. A little boi would shy away from this, but I am no little boi and I am TRIPLING down on KSU getting blown out this week by the Pokes. Can’t wait for Saturday night when I get to bathe in all my cash I have won. Oklahoma State, -6.5

Baylor @ #9 Texas (UT -14.5)

Bobby: Seeing a single digit next to Texas’ name is just gross to look at. My eyes feel bad for looking at it and my hands feel worse for writing it. While Texas is much improved this season, claiming them to be “back” would be more premature than Rick Pitino in an Italian restaurant. I think the Horns suffer a bit of a Red River hangover, but still get the win against a capable Baylor squad. Baylor, +14.5

JamisonI do not foresee Texas beginning to blow out people after they have jumped into the top 10. Herman prepares for big games, and not for smaller ones. That is the reason I have Baylor losing by 13 in this one, narrowly covering. Do not have much to say on this game other than that, solely due to the point I do not want to talk much more about Texas. Baylor, +14.5

BlakeThursday night I had my heart ripped out and smashed to bits by TCU once again, so I am looking towards Baylor to somehow regain my happiness this Saturday watching Baylor. All the UT kids I go to school with are starting to get super cocky and they think  they have an easy road to the CFP. I want that to end more than anything this weekend, so give the Bears on this one so I can have an enjoyable Monday. Baylor, +14.5

#6 West Virginia @ Iowa State (WVU -6.5)

Bobby: Ames can be a spooky place for top 10 teams to play; just ask 2011 Oklahoma State or 2017 TCU. While West Virginia is riding high at #6 and is the last undefeated team in the Big 12, they had a rough week against Kansas last week, letting the Jayhawks hang around a game they had no business being in. The Cyclones have covered every Big 12 game thus far this season. However, this 6.5 line seems like a line only a sucker would take. Am I suspicious enough to pick a team for only that reason?

Why yes, yes I am. Iowa State, +6.5

Jamison: Lock it. Lock lock lock lock. Durdy’s lock of the week has been removed due to it cursing me. I am just going to lock certain games now, and see if it brings me luck. Durdy’s lock of the week may make a comeback in the future if I begin to start doing better (Editor’s Note: Nah fam, this is Durdy’s Lock of the Week™, gotta keep the brand up)

All in all, I doubted Iowa State last week, and they really showed me up in beating Oklahoma State. But, WVU isn’t OSU. West Virginia is the #1 team in the Big 12, and I am still not buying into Iowa State. This week will show me more, but give me WVU by 17. West Virginia, -6.5

Blake: Not only did I triple down on my KSU take earlier, I am going to do the same with West Virginia. I am on the record just about every week talking about how Will Grier is a beta male and I called them the most overrated team in the nation before the season started. I still believe all these things to be true and I am shoving all my chips to the middle of the table on this one and saying that IOWA STATE IS GOING TO BEAT THIS TEAM. Most ordinary men would not double down on their takes like this, but the Crowleyman is no ordinary man. Iowa State, +6.5

One thought on “The Weekend Spread: Week 7

  1. Walmart Gooner

    Thoughts on the pics
    The last time a Wolverine was found in -Michigan was in 2010 (and it was dead), the last time before that was in 2004, and the last time before that was in the 1800s… but hey there’s no tigers or elephants in Alabama. (Shrugging emoji)
    -UT for the love of God get us our rematch
    -Best part of this article was Durdy Jamie doubling his bets, then Blake saying that only an ordinary man would double down. That’s mad disrespectful coming from someone who went to a school who’s buildings are entirely themed after La Quintas.. (I saw that in a tweet I didn’t come up with it).
    -Also the gooners have come out defending Ol Joshy air raid which is confusing.


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