College Gameday is Coming to the Red River Shootout: Why You Shouldn’t Watch it in Person

Like a white plume of smoke bellowing from the Sistine Chapel, ESPN dropped a tweet early Sunday announcing that College Gameday will be returning to the Red River Shootout for the first time since 2011.

In other words? We have ourselves a real OU/Texas game again.

Gameday is an experience that Sooner fans have been recently very deprived of; Norman hasn’t hosted the show since 2012, despite OU being apart of four College Gameday games since as the road team (bowls and basketball don’t count). A full generation of OU students went through their four years without waking (or staying) up until five to get a spot in line to show off a sign and see college football’s groundhog, Lee Corso. It is a hallowed experience for most football schools.

However, if you spend more than a passing glance of your time at College Gameday this Saturday, you need to reevaluate your priorities.

The State Fair of Texas is a spectacle unlike any other. While plenty of my four, five and six year colleagues have grown jaded to the entire ordeal (either from repetition or worse, being from Lake Frisplancoppwer Club or whatever generic self-important suburb they crawled out of), the fair is one of the major things that make OU/Texas one of the best weekends of the year. The breakfast pairing of a fresh out the frier Fletcher’s Corny Dog with a wax cup Shiner Bock is one that would obliterate a Saturday morning steak prepared by Gordon Ramsey himself. I could write a thousand words about the experience (and probably will this week).

So with all this incredible stuff going on, why voluntarily choose to stare at the back of four dude’s heads for an extended amount of time?

Gameday is great on campuses because there is usually nothing else to do at that time. The game you are there to see usually kicks off at 2:30 or 6 so you have plenty of time to tailgate. Plus, do you have anything better to do at that hour?

At the Fair, you certainly do. Your time is limited. Even if you are waiting to experience the fair for post game, there are countless better uses for your time than Gameday. Eat a good breakfast, sleep in a little longer, take a few extra shots for your post-Friday night rally. Besides, the thing anyone cares about in the first place with Gameday, the Corso Headgear pick, happens in the stadium so you get it see it anyways.

Be excited that Gameday is back to our beloved Rivalry, if only for the heightened status it brings. Just don’t be excited to the point of sticking around to watch it.

One thought on “College Gameday is Coming to the Red River Shootout: Why You Shouldn’t Watch it in Person

  1. TS/SSCI Herman Facts

    Let’s go over some quick undisputed facts.
    -Tom Herman also thinks that Gordon Ramsey is a good steak chef.
    -Tom Herman thinks that Oklahoma teachers are already paid enough.
    -Tom Herman thinks what KD did was brave
    -Tom Herman LITERALLY NAMED HIS KID AFTER TOM CRUISE IN TOP GUN. (This is ridiculously trash and somewhere a kid named Mike is pissed that someone beat him to it.)
    -Tom Herman thinks going to strip clubs alone is cool.
    -Tom Herman is most famous for distracted driving.
    -Tom Herman cares about what other people think of him.
    -Tom Herman blames his players for losses. (Even though he doesn’t have to deal with trash like a certain OU tight end who was literally getting hit in the face by passes and dropping them.)
    -Tom Herman is either a snitch, or covers up domestic abuse.
    Undisputed facts.


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