Delay of Recap: Iowa State

Okay, so my trip to Ames didn’t exactly go to plan; I spend most of it being sick and getting sicker in brutal heat. I’m still recovering, but better late than never.

Whelp, it’s only week three and panic mode has already set in for some parts of Sooner Nation.

Did OU lose? Not at all. They won 37-27 in their first road game. However, for the first time the Sooners looked vulnerable. In my opinion, not all that vulnerable, but still.

The biggest issues came on (you guessed it) defense where a few crucial missed tackles led to some inevitable reminders of last season’s glaring flaws. A lot of people blamed the performance of Mike Stoops, as is tradition, however I didn’t really see it as his fault. Players were in positions to make plays and just didn’t.

Offensively, the Sooners were lights out. Hollywood Brown had a record setting first half with 189 receiving yards, a new OU record. The running back corps looked decent in their first game without star Rodney Anderson. Trey Sermon got the bulk of the carries, with Marcelias Sutton providing support. Sermon looked significantly more impressive than Sutton, however Sutton was marred by an injury suffered earlier in the game.

I wouldn’t hit the panic button yet. Iowa State isn’t a bad team and tests happen to young teams. This is a game that you learn from and grow from.

MVP: Kyler Murray, QB

I’m worried that this is pretty much going to be a weekly given. Murray was once again everything the offense needed, leading the team (again) in rushing while throwing 21-29 with 329 yards and three touchdowns.

While I know I should be concerned that our leading rusher is our extremely valuable quarterback, Murray’s ability to run changes the game. “Oh nobody’s open? I’ll just get a quick five myself”. It’s a brilliant if not exhausting strategy.

LVP: Kahlil Haughton, S

At the game, I honestly was certain my LVP was Parnell Motley. However, after reviewing the film (and a significant nudge from my Schooner Pod co-host, Jamison) I realized that Haughton failed to get in position to support Motley’s playmaking attempts. Motley was a step behind several big plays on Hakeem Butler, but without the support from Haughton those some of those big plays became Iowa State touchdowns.

Next Game: Army back home in Norman.

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