Delay of Recap: West Virginia

For a season of antics, drama and heart pounding moments, the 2017 Oklahoma Sooners season ended rather quietly. Despite the emotions flying around on Senior Night, the game was a Sooner blowout from the first snap, where Kyler Murray darted off for a 66 yard run. The OU offense clicked on all cylinders with Baker at the helm, tearing off 35 points in the 2nd quarter.

  • Kyler Murray is the real deal. He played well, but when watching him you just get this sense that given an offseason to tailor the offense around him, he can be REALLY scary.
  • Baker’s suspension was really dumb in the first place, but really I’m glad it happened in retrospect. It lit a fire under the Sooners in a game that they could have overlooked in favor of this weekend’s Big 12 Championship.
  • Norwood-Motley is the best cornerback combo. So, so, so much better.
  • TONS of chippiness going on here. Whatever WVU’s problem is with the Sooners, it doesn’t seem to help out their performance too much.
  • Rodney Anderson dropped another crazy stat-line, putting 4 touchdowns up in one half for the second time in 3 games. The kid is a legit star in his own right, and is going to get a LOT more hype next season.

MVP: Baker Mayfield. After all the hoopla last week, he showed up, did his job and walked off Owen Field as potentially the best player to ever wear the interlocking OU. S/o to whoever played the video of our previous 5 Heisman winners right before cutting to a not-so-subtle shot of Baker on the sideline after getting his curtain call. Hell of a career.

LVP: Me for picking WVU +23 and blowing my parlay. I should have known better.

Up Next: TCU again in the Big 12 Championship. Yay?

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