Around the Big 12: Week 6

Last Week: 2-1

Overall: 19-7

Coming off a mundane week in the Big 12 last week, we get two solid games here in Week 6. This week’s schedule is aided by the return of OU, Baylor taking a bye week before all the players quit five games in, Texas Tech’s high-powered offense on display against poor Kansas and College Gameday coming back to a Big 12 city for the first time since November 2015.

Texas Tech @ Kansas (Tech -17.5)

Poor Kansas. They did well keeping it close last week with West Virginia (Between KU and Big 12 offenses, 22 points is relatively close) and now what do they get? A confident Texas Tech fresh off a near upset against Oklahoma State. The Red Raiders might come out sluggish after such a narrow loss, but i’m not seeing a loss for them this week. Tech 53-28

#23 West Virginia @ #8 TCU (TCU -13.0)

Gary Patterson is at it again! TCU showed that they are back at the top of the Big 12 this season after a big win in Stillwater two weeks ago. They return from their bye week finding themselves in a rare national spotlight game against West Virginia. So much for easing back into the schedule. The quarterback battle will be as good as it will be annoying, with the TV announcers reminding you every five minutes that both Will Grier and Kenny Hill are transfers. Ultimately, I give the edge to TCU, who has the better defense and, in my opinion, the much better quarterback. TCU 49-34

Kansas State @ Texas (UT -4.0)

Have you seen a more “middle of the pack” game than Texas-Kansas State? The 2016 Texas State Champion K-State Wildcats head down to Austin to try to get a big win to show that Vanderbilt game was a fluke. Meanwhile, Tom Herman’s Longhorns need every win they can get before running into a four week stretch including OU, Oklahoma State and TCU. This one is a toss up, but I see the Longhorns edging out a win at home. Texas 28-27

Iowa State @ #3 Oklahoma (OU -28.0)

The Sooners return home from a mediocre showing two weeks ago to face a team defined as “mediocre” in the English Dictionary. I honestly should give Iowa State more credit, but after watching that offense look so incredibly sloppy I just don’t see this one going well for the Cyclones. Add the fact that Baker and that offense are fresh and rested and you get a game where the biggest question of the day is whether or not OU covers. I bet they do. OU 56-20

(Bonus picks have been canceled as the games suck worse than my ability to pick them)






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