Less Than Quick Reaction: Tulane

All is well that ends well right? The Sooners sure looked like they had an Ohio State hangover in the first half. Tulane’s option attack was tricky and moved the ball early on the Sooners, with the Wave holding a 14-7 lead early. However, OU hit back in a huge way, rattling off 49 unanswered points to win comfortably.

– Option football is just so brutal to watch OU defend. I guess it’s karma from the Wishbone era, but for some reason running quarterbacks always give OU fits.

– CeeDee Lamb’s ejection might be one of the worst targeting ejections of all time. It’s damn shame too; he was having a career day with two touchdowns and 131 yards. Ejection or not, this kid is going to be the next big receiver here in Norman (late take, but still true).

– Parnell Motley continues to be one of the biggest breakout pieces for the Sooners this year. After grabbing a crucial pick last weekend, Motley doubled up yesterday with a stunning 75 yard pick-6. The DC native is filling a roll at cornerback that has been sorely lacking in recent seasons, and honestly is a huge part in the defensive unit’s resurgence.

– Baker was good again, but his performance wasn’t as efficient as previous games. We’re getting spoiled.

MVP: Baker again I guess? It’s hard to top 4 touchdowns and 331 yards. It would have been Lamb, but the ejection kinda took that away from him.

LVP: My dumbass for putting money on Kansas State to cover 4 points against Vandy. My hatred for them burns with the passion of a thousand suns now. I hope OU burns Manhattan, Kansas to the ground and salts the earth on which it stood.

And no, i’m not going too far!

Up Next: On the road again, facing 0-3 Baylor in Waco. My, have times changed.

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